Monday, December 15, 2014

Ubuntu server 14.04 - Auto mount network Drive Issue

Recently, due to maintanance upgrade I have to reboot my Server and notice that it stuck at boot screen waiting for external Network drive to mount. Previous article ubuntu-server-auto-mount-iscsi-storage

The message is "the disk drive for /backupdata is not ready or not presented". 2 things I can do:

Remount network drive with UUID instead of /dev/blah..blah in /etc/fstab
#> blkid
/dev/mapper/datavg-backupdata: UUID="85e81bbc-2c86-4bef-b1e9-f77d21929de5" TYPE="xfs" 

Add nobootwait option into mount target in /etc/fstab
UUID=85e81bbc-2c86-4bef-b1e9-f77d21929de5 /backupdata xfs auto,rw,user,nobootwait 0 0

Then reboot my system and It work!


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